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Transforms any gathering with a twist of fate and a splash of flavor! Spin our fortune wheel to reveal your colored destiny and enjoy a custom mimosa crafted just for you. It's the perfect pop of fun and fizz for your event, making every moment an unforgettable sip of adventure. Elevate your celebrations with our unique, bubbly experience—where every spin is a taste of the extraordinary!

Fortune Wheel Mimosas

Redefines your event's refreshment scene by turning every drink into an edible delight! Imagine a bar where cocktails aren't poured but plated, offering a feast of flavors in every bite. From gelatinous gin tonics to chewy chardonnay bites, our edible bar serves up your favorite libations in a whole new way. Perfect for adding an innovative twist to any party, "Nibble & Savor" invites guests to explore a world where drinks are designed to be eaten, making every taste a memorable journey of culinary creativity

The Edible Bar

Make your guests the center of their drink. We'll take their pictures and before they know it they're in the glass. Like magic!

Photo Bar


Bespoke bar concept rentals, fancy, huh?

We offer a range of off the shelf services that you can hire us for. It's really quite easy. Pick one that you fancy (they're all awesome) and request a date for us to come help you out and we'll be there to add more than a little spice to your special occation!

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